•  - ES-J (240W) Battery charger
  • ES-J (240W) Battery charger

ES-J (240W) Battery charger

Model: ES-J

Working current: 4 A - 10 A

Size: 170*90*50mm

Application: 4S~20S Lifepo4/4S~18S Lithium-ion

Certification: CE ROHS


size 170*90*50mm
net weight 1.0kg
max output power  240W
certfication CE&RoHS
    1.short-circuit protection,charger o/p current automatically when short-circuit. 
    2.overload protection:charger o/p current limited automatically when overload. 
    3.reverse polarity protection:it will shut down when the wire is connected,charge DC fuse or remove the fault. 
    4.3-stage charging mode: CC(constant current), CV(constant voltage) and float stage. 
    5. Reliable, elegant,Small size, light, 
    6.charging state:two LED display. 
    7.all kinds of production has passed the CE&RoHS certification. 
    8.Efficiency: ≥88 %( full capacity) 
Operate Condition:
 Input voltage: 90 V - 264 V
 Output voltage: 12 V - 48 V
 Output current: 4 A - 10 A
Temperature: -10~45 Degree
 Hi-pot: ≥AC1500 (P to S),≥AC1500 (P to FG)
 Life Expectancy: 50,000H at 25 Degree 
Apply to: 
   1. Electrical Scooter 
   2. Electrical motorcycle   
   3. Electrical bicycle and Lithium batteries,
E-motorcycle,lithium battery charger group,E-forklift,Electric lift.

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