E-Bike battery pack
Picture Model Voltage Capacity Size
(can be customized)
Cell Model
8790140/9S1P Li-Po battery Pack 33.3V/10Ah AY-L09S01-051 33.3V 10Ah
10S4P 37V/13.6Ah Li-ion battery pack for AY-L15013 37V 13.6Ah L205*W80*H70mm
10S5P 37V/13Ah Li-ion battery pack for AY-L15017 37V 13Ah L195*W95*H70mm
10S6P 37V/20.4Ah Li-ion battery pack for E-BIKE AY-L15020 37V 20.4Ah L350*W150*75MM
10S10P 37V/34Ah Li-ion battery pack for E-BIKE AY-L15021 37V 34Ah L370*W100*T70mm
13S5P 48.1V/13Ah Li-ion battery pack for AY-L15018 48.1V 13Ah 215/287*85*67mm
14S1P 51.8V/10Ah Li-ion battery pack for AY-L15015 51.8V 10Ah L330*W70*H61mm
9059156/7S1P Li-po battery Pack 25.9V/10Ah AY-L07S01-047 25.9v 10Ah L160*W73*H68mm
18650/8S2P Li-ion battery Pack 25.9 15.6Ah AY-L08S02-092 25.9 15.6Ah L255*W163*H40mm
6480205/12S1P LiFe-PO4 battery Pack 38.4V 8.6Ah AY-L12S01-095 38.4V 8.6Ah L235*W83*H83mm

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