Customized Battery Pack
Picture Model Voltage Capacity Size
(can be customized)
Cell Model
18650/2S1P Li-ion battery Pack 7.4V/2.2Ah AY-L02S01-016 7.4V 2.2Ah L76*W38*H20MM
4S7P 14.8V 18.2Ah Li-ion battery pack for cordless dive lighting AY-L15039 14.8V 18.2Ah L130*W75*T73MM
4S1P 14.8V/5.5Ah Li-ion battery pack for portable Defibrillator AY-L15057 14.8V 5.5Ah L150*W70*T50mm
3S7P 11.1V 18.2Ah Li-ion battery pack for dive  lighting AY-L15036 11.1V 18.2Ah L205*T56mm
2S2P 7.4V/5.2Ah Li-ion battery pack for E-bike lighting AY-L15029 7.4V 5.2Ah L68*W45*T38mm
20S3P  Li-ion battery pack for double wheel cycle AY-L15048 74V 6.8Ah 225*105*70mm
16S1P 59.2V/2.9Ah Li-ion battery pack for portable Defibrillator AY-L15052 59.2V 2.9Ah 150*75*40mm
10S2P 36V 4.4Ah Li-ion battery pack for E-sctoor AY-L15051 36V 4.4Ah 140*113*42mm
4S5P 12.8V 15Ah LiFePO4 battery pack for golf bag cart AY-L15049 12.8V 15Ah 134*110*75mm
8790140/9S1P Li-Po battery Pack 33.3V/10Ah AY-L09S01-051 33.3V 10Ah

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