Customized Battery Pack
Picture Model Voltage Capacity Size
(can be customized)
Cell Model
9664155/14S1P Li-ion battery Pack 51.8V 10Ah AY-L14S01-097 51.8V 10Ah L320*W85*H65mm
8S2P Lipo battery Pack 25.9v 15.6Ah AY-L08S02-092 25.9v 15.6Ah L255*W163*H40mm 9059156 3.7V/10Ah
9759156/7S2P Li-po battery Pack 25.9V/20Ah AY-L07S02-049 25.9V 20Ah L162*W138*H75mm 9759156 3.7V/10AH
9059156/7S1P Lipo battery Pack 25.9V 10Ah AY-L07S01-089 25.9V 10Ah L160*W63*H75mm 9059156 3.7V 10000mAh
8790140/7S1P Lipo battery Pack 25.9V 10Ah AY-L07S01-088 25.9V 10Ah L160*W93*H73mm 8790140 3.7V 10000mAh
8059156/6S2P Li-po battery Pack 22.2V/16Ah AY-L06S02-045 22.2V 16Ah L160*W135*H52mm 8059156 3.7V/8000MAH
8790140/5S1P Li-Po battery Pack 18.5V 10A AY-L05S01-086 18.5V 10A L142*W92*H50mm 8790140 3.7V 10000mAh
9059156/4S1P Li-ion battery Pack 14.8V/10Ah AY-L04S01-079 14.8V 10Ah L160*W82*H48mm 9059156 3.7V 10AH
804367/4S1P Li-po battery Pack 14.8V/2.4Ah AY-L04S01-031 14.8V 2.4Ah L70*W46*H38mm 804367
103450/2S2P Li-po battery Pack 7.4V/3.2Ah AY-L02S02-018 7.4V 3.2Ah L108*W73*H15mm 103450-1600mAh

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