Customized Battery Pack
Picture Model Voltage Capacity Size
(can be customized)
Cell Model
Lifepo4 battery (12V 30AH) 12V 30AH (4S3P)-3 12V 30AH L168*W126*T110mm 42110, 3.2V 10AH
Lifepo4 battery pack (12.8V 10AH) 12.8V 10AH (4S1P) 12.8V 10AH Customized 38120,3.2V 10AH
Lifepo4 battery pack (12.6V 6AH) 12.8V 6AH (4S2P) 12.6V 6AH Customized 26650,3.2V 3AH
Lifepo4 battery pack (11.1V 700mAH) 11.1V 700mAH (3S1P) 11.1V 700mAH L130*W65 (including PCM+PVC shrinked) 14650,3.7V 700mAH
Lifepo4 battery pack (7.4V 7.8AH) 7.4V 7.8H (2S3P) 7.4V 7.8AH L55*W37*T68mm (including PCM+PVC shrinked) SAMSUNG 18650,3.7V 2600mAH
Lifepo4 battery pack (6.4V1.4AH) 6.4V1.4AH(2S1P) 6.4V 1.4AH L130*T18mm SAMSUNG 18650,3.2V 1400mAH
Lifepo4 battery pack (12V 6AH) 4S Lifepo4 battery pack-2 12V 6AH L106*W55*T70mm (including the PCM+PVC shrinked) 26650,3.2V 3AH
503048/3S1P Li-ion battery Pack 11.1V/0.56Ah AY-L03S01-072 11.1V 0.56Ah L55*W32*H17mm 503048 3.7V 500mAh
Li-ion battery pack (14.8V 7.8AH) Li-ion battery pack (14.8V 7.8AH 14.8V 7.8AH L90*W56*T48mm SAMSUNG 18650,3.7V 2600mAH
26650/4S7P LiFe-PO4 battery Pack 12.8V/22.4Ah AY-L04S07-085 12.8V 22.4Ah L184*W104*72mm 26650 3.2V 3200mAh

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