The other Lifepo4 battery pack
Picture Model Voltage Capacity Size
(can be customized)
Cell Model
42110/8S1P LiFePO4 battery Pack 25.6V/11Ah AY-L08S01-050 25.6V 11Ah L240*W87*H87mm 42110 3.2V/11AH
26650/7S3P LiFe-PO4 battery Pack 22.4V 9.9Ah AY-L07S03-090 22.4V 9.9Ah L255*W163*H40mm 26650 3.2V 3.3AH
Lifepo4 battery pack (25.2V 20AH) 25.6V 20AH (8S2P) 25.2V 20AH Customized 38120,3.2V 10AH
Lifepo4 battery pack (25.6V 10AH) 25.6V 10AH (8S1P) 25.6V 10AH L336*W42*T110mm,not including the package 42110,3.2V 10AH
Lifepo4 battery pack (18V 30AH) 18V 30AH (6S6P) 18V 30AH L190*W190*T90mm,not including the package 32900,3.2V 5AH
Lifepo4 battery pack (18.5V 5.2AH) 18.5V 5.2AH (5S2P) 18.5V 5.2AH L92*W38*T38mm (including PCM+PVC shrinked) 18650,3.7V 5.2AH,SAMSUNG oringinal version
8S2P 4S1P battery with holder 8S2P 4S1P 25.2V,12.8V 20AH,10AH 38120,3.2V 10AH Lifepo4
42110/4S3P LiFe-PO4 battery Pack 12.8V/33Ah AY-L04S03-082 12.8V 33Ah L270*W115*H94mm 42110 3.2V/11AH
6790150/4S2P LiFe-PO4 battery Pack 12.8V/13Ah AY-L04S02-081 12.8V 13Ah 58*92*152MM 6790150 3.2V 6.5AH
18650/4S1P LiFe-PO4 battery Pack 12.8V 1.5A AY-L04S01-077 12.8V 1.5A L75*W70*H20mm 18650 3.2V 1500mAh

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