• 1S6P 3.6V 15.6Ah Li-ion battery pack
  • 3.7V(1S)-11.1V(3S) - 1S6P 3.6V 15.6Ah Li-ion battery pack

1S6P 3.6V 15.6Ah Li-ion battery pack


Model: AY-LI1S6P-1865026FM
Voltage: 3.6V
Capacity: 15.6Ah
Size (can be customized): L111* W20*T74mm
Cell Model: SAMSUNG 18650-26FM

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  • 3.7V(1S)-11.1V(3S)


    1S6P 3.6V 15.6Ah Li-ion battery pack 
    Technical Parameters
    Battery pack * 3.6V 15.6Ah Li(NiCoMn)O2 Battery is made by 6pcs of
    Li(NiCoMn)O2 18650 2600mAh cells
    * In 3S16P configuration
    * Wrap with heavy duty PVC
    Charge Information *Charge voltage: 4.2V±0.05V (4.2V/cell)
    *Charge method: CC/CV (Constant-current and-Voltage with Limited current)
    *Standard charging time: 3.12A/ 7hours       5A/ 4.5hours
    (Battery capacity÷charging current×1.5 )
    *Charge current: 5A 
    Dishcharge Information * Maximum discharging current: 5A 
    * Continuous discharge current: 5A 
    * Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V (2.5V/cell)
    Protection Information * Protected by one PCM:
    * PCM is installed in the battery pack to balance charging and protect battery
    * Must wait min of 30 minutes afrer battery is fully charged to allow the PCM to perform balance function on all the cells within the pack
    * Maximal continuous charging current: 5A
    * Maximal continuous discharging current: 5A
    * Over-charge& over-discharge detection voltage: 4.325V/2.5V
    * Over-current detection: 5±1A
    Short-circuit Protection Exterior short circuit Automatic recovery
    Intermal resistance / Cycle life ≤80mΩ / ≥500
    Operating Temperature *Standard Charge: 0~+40℃ / *Standard Discharge: -20~+60℃
    Pre-wired * Red=Positive,Black=Negative
    Weight/Dimension around 0.05kgs(including cells,pcm.pvc wires) ; L111* W20*T74mm
    Applications * Apply to light, medical device, etc
    * Replace 12V Nimh battery and 12V lead acid battery with much clear engergy.
    Warnings * 3.6V 15.6Ah Li(NiCoMn)O2 Battery should be cut-off at ≥2.5V (2.5V/cell) during
    discharging, and should be stop charging at ≤4.325V(4.325V/cell)during charging.
    * We are not responsible for an damages or losses caused by misuse (included but not
    limited to: Improper charging/discharging, any changes of this battery pack,
    miss-assembling battery packs.)
    * Always pay attention to when charging the battery pack. Battery shall put in a place
    or wrong polarity connection.
    * Please always check battery polarity before connection to device. Never make wrong polarity connection.


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