Is the world prepared to deal with billions of dead lithium batteries?

Date: 2017.9.20
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Less than 5% of spent lithium-ion batteries are recycled globally. As li-ion batteries continue to electrify our world, over 11 million tones of spent li-ion batteries will be discarded until 2030. What will happen to this vast quantity of spent lithium-ion batteries when they reach the end of their useful life?
When the world moves towards electrified transport, the demand for lithium, cobalt, and other raw battery materials is also growing to unprecedented levels. Lithium chemical supply continues to lag behind surge demanding, driven by battery applications for lithium. Other critical battery materials, such as cobalt chemicals, continue to experience supply chain challenges. Chinese battery enterprises as leading suppliers worldwide are on a mission to take this significant opportunity to continue our long-term supply chain of uniquely recycled materials such as cobalt.
According the new regulations GB/T 34013-2017, GB/T 34014-2017 and GB/T 34015-2017 recently being released by Chinese government, clearly stated the uniform rules for size, rules and remaining energy measurement , which has boost up whole lithium battery recycling industry in China. We are ready and full powered to bring back our blue sky at the same time nourish our soil for billons of trees. Let’s effort together to maintain our sustainable planet and setup a future-proofed structure for next generations.

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