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Model: AY-T3000

AC output: 110V/220V

DC output: 19V 4A 12.6V 3A 5V 2A

Battery capacity: 22.2V 140AH

Battery Type:

Solar panel charging (max): 36V


AY-T3000W is off line ,dual function portable AC power station with built-in UPS.  

It is with capacity 12280AH/3360Wh and accurate pure wave AC 220V/50hz, 110V/60hz, DC 12V

10A.  AY-T3000W is designed with the safety lithium battery and inverter technology, which features

LED indicator digital display the energy of power, DC 24V and DC 12V dual output, etc.

The built-in main board  with multi protected function and Intelligent battery management board ensure

its safety for use.

AY-T3000W is applied to a variety of mobile products such as mobile phone, satellite phones, digital

cameras, mobile hard drives, cameras, tablet PC, LED lights, laptop computers, car boot, outdoor

lighting, water pump, medical equipment and so on, which  can be used for the following field such as first

aid, mining, exploration, military, scientific, media, tourism, disaster relief, medical aid.

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