• PCM-LB24S100A-AY233(24S)
  • PCM for 17S-32S - PCM-LB24S100A-AY233(24S)


PCM for 17S-32S

Model: PCM-LB24S100A-AY233(24S)
Working current: 80A
Size: L120*W65*T16mm
Balancing: YES
Temp. control: NO
Battery Type: Li-ion/Lipo/Lifepo4
Battery Series: 24S
Continuous Current: 80A

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  • PCM for 17S-32S


    No Test item Criterion
          Lifepo4 Li-ion/Li-polymer
    1 Voltage Charging voltage DC 86.4VCC/CV(3.6V/cell) DC:100.8V CC/CV(4.2V/cell)
    Balance voltage for single cell 3.60±0.025V 4.20±0.025V
    2 Current Balance current for single cell 36±10mA 42±10mA
    Current consumption for single cell ≤30μA ≤30μA
    Max. continuous charging current 20A 20A
    Max. cont. discharging current 80A 80A
    3 Over charge protection(single cell) Over charge detection voltage 3.65V±0.025V(optional) 4.25±0.025V(optional)
    Over charge detection delay time 0.5-2.0S 0.5S—2.0S
    Over charge release voltage 3.65±0.05V 4.15 ±0.05V
    4 Over discharge protection(single cell) Over discharge detection voltage 2.00±0.8V(optional) 2.5±0.08V(optional)
    Over discharge detection delay time 10-300mS 10-300mS
    Over discharge release voltage 2.3±0.1V 3.0±0.1V
    5 Over current protection Over current detection voltage depend on the above points depend on the above points
    Over current detection current final data fixed from actual test final data fixed from actual test
    Detection delay time 5-20ms 5-20ms
    Release condition Cut load,Auto release Cut load,Auto release
    6 Short protection Detection condition Exterior short circuit
    Detection delay time 100~500us
    Release condition charge up
    7 Resistance Protection circuitry ≤50mΩ
    8 Temperature Operating Temperature Range -40~+85℃
    Storage Temperature Range -40~+125℃
    9 Dimension L120*W65*T16mm
    Optional Parameters: Over charge detection voltage (V) 3.65±0.025V 4.25±0.025V 4.28±0.025V
    Over charge release voltage(V) 3.65±0.05V 4.05±0.05V 4.08±0.05V
    Over discharge detection voltage 2.50±0.8V 2.80±0.8V 3.00±0.8V
    Over discharge release voltage(V) 3.00±0.1V 3.00±0.1V 3.00±0.1V

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